Saturday, 10 November 2012

Meeting Prabal Gurung #SCREEEAAMMM

Last night was just so so so so So so so so so random .... And that's an understatement ! I had no plans to go out and I was seduced with the idea of free long islands so off I went to the soho hotel and shock horror Pierce Brosnan is on the table #screeeaaammm - well that's what I thought anyways. (I didn't get a picture but have witnesses.... So next stop was the Wellington Club in Knightsbridge and who's there? One Direction holding court .... So seeing they were raining on my parade we left and headed back to Soho to Another club and whilst in the VIP none other than Prabal GURUNG walked in #SCREEEAEEAAAMMMM .....

What a nice man and very good looking! We drank and of course talked fashion and he can really move on the dance floor ....

This goes down in the Clotheshorse as such a random night!!!

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