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GVYN - Luxury accessories collection

In fashion the age old story we have been led to believe is that if you want a product of high quality, you must pay an exceptionally high amount for it. Finally, a brand which addresses the gap in the fashion market!


Launched in February 2014 during London Fashion Week GVYN, is a luxury accessories brand. Stocked in Harvey Nichols department store, the strong focus resides on quality combined with a competitive retail price bracket £299-£399 GBP.


GVYN founder Berlin-born Ulrike Seeber aims to narrow the substantial gap in the fashion market. 

"I wanted to create a quality label, but that is affordable and thus closes the gap between high street and high end.” 

As a fashion entrepreneur from Germany coupled with a background in business and fashion journalism, Ulrike uses her knowledge and past experienceto her advantage having also opened WALD, a successful and popular fashion boutique still operation in Berlin.


GVYN's design team consists of only the most talented and experienced individuals. This includes the former Alexander McQueen  pattern maker, GVYN’s chief designers helm from previously working for Louis Vuitton and Victoria Beckham.  GVYN’s appointed leather expert advises for labels such as Burberry, Gucci, and Acne. 


Having only launched less than six months ago, GVYN is already a hit within the fashion community. Famous blogger Susie Bubble was spotted during LFW (February) carrying  the nude GVYN backpack. Financial Times Avril Groom comments, "...Styles are great - minimal and easy to wear", whilst Harpers Bazaar's Anna Vitelloraves, "Love this collection - can't wait to see them in more colour ways". Julia Yule, Executive Fashion & Beauty Editor at UK Glamour magazine mirrors this sentiment commenting, "Styles are very clean and minimal - I'm surprised by the retail prices, the collection looks much more expensive than the price tags.” 



The GVYN collection consists of bags and accessories. With minimal and clean silhouettes, fine details and a monochrome colour palette. GVYN creates a casual, minimal, uncomplicated and yet feminine athesthetic.

The high quality leather is processed as little as possible in order to achieve the soft structure and the natural shine of the surface. The minimal chemical treatment of the highly selected leather reflects nature's signature, embodying the honesty and beauty of simplicity, whilst the clean and simple silhouettes, fine details, and subtle colour palette form an unconventional, personal and effortless look. 

With coverage already published by ELLE and BAKU (Condé Nast), Sophie Bew from Grazia Magazine UK adds: "Great collection - love the rucksack and I personally love the black leather bag with gold chain".


Lastly how would we describe the GVYN muse? The GVYN girl is a smart and cultured  twenty something woman, who is at home in the capitals of the world. Born in Paris, she lives and works in London. Artistic and intelligent, classy and edgy, bubbly and mysterious; she's enthusiastic about life, love, and art, as well as travelling and discovering the greater world. Her personality is expressed through the clothes she wears, she's feminine but cool, nonconformist, and contradictory. 

The GVYN girl is the primary inspiration behind the brand, which creates bags to accessorise the character's lifestyle.  This can be best seen by naming the product styles after GVYN's ex-boyfriends such as COLE or YURI.


GVYN’s stockist include Harvey Nichols in London, ShopPyramidStyleserver and LaLa in Berlin. GVYNlaunched its online store in March 2015 at

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