Wednesday, 29 April 2015

laRinascente is pleased to present the Edible Monsters by Zim&Zou

milan is getting ready to host the eXPo milano 2015. and so is la rinascente with the eXPo oPening windows that will caPture, educate and strike the imagination
eXPo milano 2015 is fast approaching. shortly, an enormous theme park spread over many locations and with diverse staging will spring to life in the city on the theme: “feeding the planet, energy for life”, from dietary habits around the world to food shortage, from the responsible use of resources to how to build a sustainable future and much more...

so as to mark the opening of the exposition in style, the windows facing piazza duomo will host a powerful in- stallation called edible monsters that aims to raise public awareness in a surprising and creative way about the excesses of the food industry.

from 1 to 10 may 2015, carnivorous sunflowers, mutant fish, genetic manipulations and genetically modified corncobs will come to life to emphasise how the use of chemicals and aggressive farming methods can be har- mful to our health.

The style is that of a caricatural metaphor, using irony and humour, to talk about one of the main themes of eXpo milano 2015 in an original and engaging way.

The authors are zim&zou, the creative french duo composed of lucie Thomas and Thibault zimmermann, who will illustrate in each of the 6 windows a precise modus operandi of the modern food industry creating a colourful paper universe, entirely made by hand. Two windows show the making of of the two artists working on their installation. 

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