Saturday, 27 June 2015


Once again I'm on a roll .... since march every month..... I've been featured in high profile magazines because of my honesty and even landed my first cover in the UK ... well that's what they all say .... I like that they recognise me for that .... 

I'm a truth blogger and means telling the truth and that's why when its fashion month I find myself sometimes with no tickets or standing and my peers who get less views and hits than me sit from row because they sell out .... that's not my style .....

most of my interviews bang on about me and the fashion world ... but this one is different ... i cant find any print to show you extracts ... so you'll have to buy a copy ... 

this is one of my best interviews .... and my god six pages ....???

many thanks to editor in chief Fossy Meade 

Kinga Kurek - Creative Direction

Hair - Emeka at Chicago Barbers ... 07551 367104 (quote Clotheshorse for 10% discount) and they are also available for shoots and red carpet.....

Stylist - it's me of course !!!


Shirt Saint Laurent - FLANNELS

Scarf (Surrender) - AGE OF REASON

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